Monday, September 1, 2014

HAPPENINGS - September 2 - 14

Broken windows don't deter us from our goal of raising money for the American Cancer Society for cancer research, advocacy, education and service.  Thanks to our volunteers and the community we are fighters in every sense of the word!
Pink tagged items are 50% off with many one-of-a-kind items to choose from in every department.

Special events in the next two weeks:
·         September 8 - Monday is Full Moon special with 40% off one item of your choice.
·         September 11 through September 14 - Thursday through Sunday is the 50% off sale on everything in the shop except white tags. The next time you return you will see warmer outfits, sweaters and coats for the chilly days ahead.
All month specials: Mondays-Double stamps on Customer Appreciation Cards between 10 a.m. and noon, Tuesdays-20% off Senior's purchases, Saturday-20% off for HS students with school ID and Sundays-40% off all men's wear.
Follow us to Facebook. We'd love to have you share a comment about an experience you've had in our "unique quality resale shop."
September Cancer Awareness month includes many types of cancer: Childhood, Gynecological, Leukemia/Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Ovarian, Prostrate and Thyroid.

"A World With Less Cancer is a World With More Birthdays"


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