Sunday, February 22, 2015

HAPPENINGS - February 23 - March 8

"A Unique Quality Resale Experience"
Almost two months since the holidays with just ten months to go when we do it all over again. Give some thought to those on your gift giving list and start checking for items at the Discovery Shop to put in your goodie box. Of course, don't forget what you have or where you put them. Easy to do, believe me.

Vintage and antiques are in abundance and remember - you only get one chance to purchase them at the Discovery Shop so shop early.

·         Yellow tags are now 75% off and discounted even further starting Wednesday February 25.

·         Through Saturday February 28 women's wear in XL and plus sizes will be 40% off. Full racks mean great selections, and this rack is definitely full! Be sure to check the scarves and jewelry to complete your new outfit.

·         All pink tags are 50% off starting Sunday March 1. Many men's items are available also.

·         Full Moon Special Thursday March 5 means 40% off one item of your choice.

·         All month specials: Mondays-Double stamps on Customer Appreciation Cards between 10 a.m. and noon, Tuesdays-20% off Senior's purchases, Saturday-20% off for HS students with school ID and Sundays-40% off all men's wear.

Come in on your actual birthday and receive 20% off your purchase of regular priced items.
Follow us to Facebook at AmericanCancerSociety/West We'd love to have you share an experience you've had in our "unique quality resale shop."

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month (ribbon color dark blue) and Kidney Cancer Awareness month (ribbon color orange).

All Proceeds Benefit the American Cancer Society

"A World With Less Cancer is a World With More Birthdays"


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