Sunday, August 6, 2017

HAPPENINGS - August 7-20

Summer's in our Window

"A Unique Quality Resale Experience"

DID YOU KNOW:    The American Cancer Society's Discovery Shops are great places to get great deals and to be treated royally by our wonderful volunteers. You are bound to get hooked on coming in to see what is happening since newly priced items are put on the sales floor all day, every day. All proceeds go to the fight against cancer. You can join us as a donor, customer or volunteer. With your help we will win this fight!

Happenings through August 20 at the West Seattle Discovery Shop:

§  Yellow tags are now 50% off. Starting Friday August 18 you can get 75% off yellow tags.

§  Full moon special with 40% off one item of your choice happens Monday August 7.

§  Clothing below the waist is 50% off all day Tuesday August 8 and Wednesday August 9.

§  Remember reading here that August would be a fun month of specials? Well, here are three of them (be sure to be creative):
August 10 - Thirsty Thursday - 40% off "anything you can drink from."
August 16 - White Wednesday - 40% off "any white clothing."
August 18 - Foodie Friday - 40% off "anything used in the preparation or eating of food."

§  Watch the board behind the counter for "Manager's Specials."

Weekly Specials  - Save on regular priced items if you fit one of the categories below:

ü  Monday - Active Military and Veterans receive 20% off. ID required.
ü  Tuesday - Seniors age 55+ receive 20% off.
ü  Saturday - 20% off for HS students with school ID.
ü  Sunday - 40% off all men's wear.
ü  On your actual birthday receive 20% off.

 Follow us to Facebook by using the link on the right side of this page, or go to www.AmericanCancerSociety/West We'd love to have you share an experience you've had in our "unique quality resale shop."

 "A World With Less Cancer is a World With More Birthdays"

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