Sunday, May 31, 2020

HAPPENINGS - June 1-14

Men's Department
Once again, no upcoming "Happenings" from the Discovery Shop. Our volunteers are
ready, willing and able to take the reins again once we get the go-ahead from the Governor and the American Cancer Society head office.

Have you found that you need something to do? The Discovery Shop is always looking for volunteers in both the front and back rooms.The shifts are four hours just once a week. Some people have been volunteering over twenty years, so that says something about the dedication and the wonderful people you meet. Ages vary from young to late 90's. It seems everyone has been touched in their lives by cancer and this is a great way to give back and "help celebrate more birthdays."


The Discovery Shop carries a variety of merchandise, from men's and women's wear to household items, antiques and collectibles, shoes and accessories like hats, gloves and scarves. New items are put on the floor daily and it's a "new look" every time you come in. Our volunteers are wonderful and love to redecorate so you never know what will be featured on the walls and shelves. We have some very talented people with an eye for flair and you'll easily spot something you can't live without.


Hope to see you soon !

June is National Cancer Survivor Month.



A Former Volunteer of Many Years

For Car Collectors

A "Dapper" Outfit

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