Sunday, May 17, 2020

HAPPENINGS - May 18-31

Once again, no upcoming "happenings" from the Discovery Shop. Our volunteers are ready to take over the reins again once we get the go-ahead from the Governor and the American Cancer Society head office.


Have you found during this time at home that you need something more to do? The Discovery Shop is always looking for volunteers in both the front and back. From front cashiering to the back room, volunteers are needed to accept donations, iron or steam, price items plus many other things. The shifts are four hours just once a week. Some people have been volunteering over twenty years, so that says something about the dedication and the wonderful people you meet. Ages vary from young to late 90's. It seems everyone has been touched in their lives by cancer and this is a good way to give back and "help celebrate more birthdays."


Some volunteers are patiently waiting to return to the Shop (some not so patiently!) and when asked how they are spending their free time, these are a few of their comments:

Candace L - Walking, walking, walking!

Judy K - Started knitting again after many years. If you need a dish cloth, let me know!

Lena M - Bored silly! Celebrated my 97th birthday with everyone in the condo complex standing on their decks singing Happy Birthday! I miss my Discovery Shop friends!

Michele R - Besides walking more than 20 miles per week, I've done my share of Spring cleaning too. It's amazing what you can "discover" in the corners of closets or cabinets.

Mary M - Cooking a lot, eating a lot, cleaning, organizing, purging, gardening, reading.  Getting more sleep .  Trying to walk more.  Calling friends.

Katie B - Still weeding my flower beds. Never ending job!

Some things in the Sunday paper to keep in mind while you're home:
  • There is a "right" and a "wrong" way to sweep the floor. (No correct answer available.)
  • Cupping a hot mug, breathing in fragrant tea, can calm your nerves.
  • Plant some marigolds in your garden or on your deck to attract pollinators and insects that eat pests.
  • Money doesn't actually grow on trees, but fruits and nuts do! Plant a fig, pear, pecan or hazelnut tree.
  • May is Mediterranean Diet month.
  • If you put blue or green mouthwash on your scalp you might end up with colored hair. Same thing could happen to your feet if you soak them in colored mouthwash.
  • You can buy a 5500 square foot villa in Beverly Hills for only $6.75 million.

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